Future Thoughts

Where is the world wide web going, what is the point in having millions of different websites offering similar things, things that you don’t want or need?

What is the point of ownership in terms of ‘computers’, be they laptops, personal web devices, smart phones and iPads when these things get lost, the data corrupts or identity theft occurs?

Surely the Lab-On-A-Chip will end this all one day, based on simple DNA. Arthur C Clark’s 3rd law states that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. With computer processing increasing exponentially and the cost of computing coming down, we will reach a point where there is no need to own any device as any device, anywhere, will allow one to do anything.

Protecting user information in the ‘cloud’ surely comes down to biology, a coded way of accessing your information from anywhere and at any time. When technology seamlessly integrates into life and the things around us, there will be no need for ‘computers’ and no need for ‘websites’ as we currently understand them.

Where to the future? Integrated, layered virtual reality, already available on smart phones implanted, downloaded and uploaded as and where needed and appropriate and powered by the food we eat. A connection to our brain of everything else.

How far down that wormhole will we go before we are completely immersed in a world that does not exist?

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